Girls Youth Lacrosse Rules

Girls Lacrosse League Rules/Guidelines:

  • 25 minute games – continuous running clock.
  • The clock will run at all times, stopping only for serious injury, at the discretion of the referee.
  • No timeouts will be granted.
  • There will be no overtime periods.
  • Game Ball – NOCSAE stamped balls only – All game balls will be provided by the Pocono Dome.
  • Field Personnel –  7 v 7 format.  One goalie and 6 Field Players.  The center of the field will serve as a restraining line and 2 players from each team must stay back on offensive and defensive ends at all times.
  • The official score will be kept by both the table staff and one of the game officials. The staff and Referee will confer throughout the game and stoppages to ensure the correct score.


  • Turf shoes or molded cleats only are allowed on the turf: NO metal spikes or screw in spikes of any kind are allowed.
  • All players must have on appropriate matching team jersey/shirt. MUST BE THE SAME COLOR
  • US Lacrosse stick dimensions and rules apply.  All players must use short sticks.
  • All players are required to wear a mouthguard and protective eye gear that meets the ASTM standards.
  • No jewelry is permitted.


  • Draws occur at the beginning of a game.  After each goal, the goalie of the team scored upon will clear the ball to her team.
  • At the Draw: All players except the two taking the draw must be located on their own defensive half of the field.


  • Teams must adhere to all US Lacrosse rules pertaining to fouls.
  • There will be no 12 meter markings. All fouls within the Critical Scoring Area will be taken at the 8m. The arc will be cleared for major fouls. Minor fouls will be indirect free positions with no clearing of the arc or lane.  The CSA begins at the 8M.


  • After a save, the goalie has 10 seconds to throw the ball or step out of the crease
  • The goalie may throw the ball from within the crease to any player on the defensive half of the field.  If the goalie comes out of the crease he may throw the ball to any player on the field.


  • All substitutions are on the fly.
  • Substitutions may be made at any time on an unlimited basis during the game.

Referee Authority

  • A one-person system will be used at the discretion of the Pocono Dome.
  • The authority of the referee commences when they enter the premises.
  • The referee is responsible for the record of the game.


Round Robin Group Play Points Breakdown: 3 Points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss

Play-off —Tiebreaker Criteria:

1 – Head to Head results

2 – Fewest Goals Allowed

3 – Most Goals Scored

4 – Coin Flip (2 team tie) or random draw (3 team tie)