Softball Tournaments

Softball flyer March

18U – 3/25/17 first game at 9:00 AM SIGN UP LINK

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USSSA softball

12U 14U 16U 18U  RULES

1) Game time 60 minutes, finish the inning. If tied there will be a coin toss.

2) Three (3) minutes or less on clock, home team that is up and winning can end the game if they want to.


4) Four(4) warm ups 1st inning. Two(2) warm ups for rest of game. Four(4) warm for new pitcher.

5)Batting Order: You can bat everyone or have subs. If you bat everyone and  batter leaves the game due to injury , next time her spot comes up it’s an automatic out.

6) Courtesy Runners: You can have two (2) inning, the last out will be the courtesy runner. In the 1st inning, the last two (2) batters will be the courtesy runners.

7) Once the batter is in the box, one foot must be in the box at all times. If she steps out it will be an automatic strike. Unless she has two(2) strikes, she will  get a warning. If she steps out again she will be out. There is no time out for  batter unless there is an injury. The umpire will stop the clock for an injury!

8) NO METAL SPIKES! Sneakers or rubber cleats can worn.

9) THE UMPIRES WILL NOT HAVE LINE UP CARD! The people handing your  book will be in charge of giving the other team,  subs and position changes. The umpire will check with each person in charge of the book, to see how  many runs scored that inning. After the umpire has confirmed the score with both books. WINNING TEAM is going to report score to the table.

10) Everything is in play (EXCEPT the ceiling and the net hanging down).

11) DEAD BALL: Any fair ball hitting the ceiling after the pitcher’s mound will be a ground rule double. A pitch that goes behind back stop, only runners on 1st  & 2nd will move up. Runners on 3rd will stay there. ***** not giving a FREE  run in a 50 minute game*****

12) Live ball thrown by a fielder and goes behind the back stop becomes a dead  ball. Everyone gets a base.

13)NO HIGH 5 THE SOFTBALL AT THE PITCHERS MOUND!  If any fielder goes  to the pitcher’s mound after a strikeout it will be a warning.  The next time the batter starts off with a 1-0 , count After a strikeout , fielders must stay at their positions. There will be two (2) defensive time outs per game.

Facility Rules

General Rules of the Pocono Dome Sports Complex

All participants in any activity and all persons entering the fields must fill out our waiver, parents are responsible for underage participants waivers.

  • Coaches are responsible for team members and parents adhering to these rules.
  • No outside food, beverages, or pets allowed in the facility.
  • All persons will conduct themselves in a civil, sportsmanlike manner.
  • No throwing, hitting, kicking balls or swinging bats outside of the netted turf areas.
  • Children are to be supervised, controlled and are not to be left unattended at ANY time.
  • Only water is allowed on the track and turf surface – no Gatorade, Powerade, Soda, Coffee, etc.
  • No alcohol, illegal drugs, or tobacco of any kind allowed on the property.
  • No bicycles, mopeds, skate boards, etc. allowed on the property.
  • No food is allowed on the track & turf surfaces.
  • Athletic clothing and footwear must be worn in all athletic areas of the facility.
  • No alcohol or drug use prior to playing.
  • If you find or lose an item, please report it immediately to the front office.
  • All spectators must remain behind white line of turf track at all times during any event.
  • No gum or sunflower seeds on turf.
  • Gym shoes, running shoes, and molded cleats are allowed on the turf.
  • Baseball spikes or track spikes are NOT allowed on the turf – No Retractable cleats allowed.
  • No refund policy. No shows or non-participation for any rental, clinic, event, class, activity, league, tournament, program, etc. does not warrant refund or credit for future use.
  • Usage of facilities beyond what has been paid for will be billed on customer’s account.
  • * Cancellation Policy: If the facility is not available to the User due to closure caused by inclement weather or any other reason, Pocono Dome Sports Complex LLC agrees to reschedule time at a mutually agreed upon date and time or give open credit for any future usage of the facility. Inclement weather alone does not warrant cancellation, the facility must be closed at the discretion of the Pocono Dome General Manager and then the User will be notified of official cancellation.

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